Politicians and Hip Hop

The most powerful and influential men and women in the history of the world express themselves through their favorite hip hop lyrics.

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Barack Obama x Drake
Gaston x Beyoncé

***Flawless Disney characters #13
You know Gaston would totally put a roofie in your drink. And he’d do it in that bar while he is singing that song about himself.
Kate Middleton x Chief Keef
Elsa & Anna x Nicki Minaj  ***Flawless Disney Princesses #10 
George W. Bush x NWA
Cinderella x Beyoncé  ***Flawless Disney Princess #9 
Louis XIV x Ginuwine
Pocahontas x Nicki Minaj ***Flawless Disney Princess #8Brown skin and vague, sort of ethnic(ish) features = Algonquian enough.
Seriously, though.
Hillary Clinton x Nicki Minaj
Belle x Beyoncé

 ***Flawless Disney Princess #7 
Prince Harry x Future
Princess Merida x Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ***Flawless Disney Princess #6 
Kate Middleton x Kanye West
Alice x Nicki Minaj  ***Flawless Disney Characters #5Alice needs to be part of the monster that is Disney’s Princess marketing machine.  Because you know, Lewis Fucking Carroll.